Shop Hunting

Retail Factory SA locates suitable shops for national and international subsidiaries in city and suburban locations as well as in shopping centres.

Thanks to the knowledge of the search criteria of about 500 chain stores, Retail Factory SA can find the ideal, market orientated shop location, and have the negotiations brought to a close.

Retail Factory SA continually has a portfolio of approximately 1000 shop locations.

Cities Switzerland, Top 20 (according to retail potential)

  1. Zurich, Bahnhofstrasse
  2. Geneva, Rue du Marché
  3. Berne, Spitalgasse
  4. Basel, Freie Strasse
  5. Lausanne, Rue de Bourg
  6. Lucerne, Hertensteinstrasse
  7. Lugano, Via Pessina
  8. St. Gallen, Multergasse
  9. Winterthur, Untertor
  10. Thun, Bälliz
  11. Biel, Nidaugasse
  12. Neuchâtel, Rue de l’Hôpital
  13. Fribourg , Rue de Romont
  14. Chur, Bahnhofstrasse
  15. Baden, Badstrasse
  16. Zug, Bahnhofstrasse
  17. Solothurn, Gurzelngasse
  18. Aarau, Igelweid
  19. Schaffhausen, Fronwagplatz
  20. Yverdon, Rue du Lac